Poop Hits the Fan and Oh Children, how you cheer me up

So two weeks ago was Mongolian- Russian Friendship week… As I found out the day before was one sided (i.e.) Mongolians celebrate, Russians don’t.  And any celebration in Mongolia can mean only one thing… all hell breaks loose.  For example, during this week I ran back and forth between the primary and secondary school and my home, grabbing materials, only to be told I would have no class and have to go back to my home to grab different materials (yeah, should have grabbed all of them at once). Never-the-less the performance this weekend by the kids was pretty darn cute (and third graders dancing to the un-edited version was pretty freakin funny). But I was beat and highly confused by the end of the week… the week where no one knew where anyone was supposed to be. The only thing that seemed to help was when one of the 9th grade students, on my way home said, as I was passing “No pain, no gain.” This was followed by a confirmation, “yes” and me walking away with a mildly what the heck was that smile on my face… I did not teach it to them, so where they got it, no one knows.


2 responses to “Poop Hits the Fan and Oh Children, how you cheer me up

  1. Hi there,

    It’s Katie, Sam and Claire from Arlington (Grasshopper in case you’ve forgotten) and we’re finally catching up on your travel. Glad to hear your doing well – these transitions are hard but you’ll always be grateful you took this adventure. Where are the pictures??? Have a great time. xoxo

    • Hi guys,

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you… life got crazy here for a bit and internet is touch and go… Please feel free to email me and I will send some pics for the kids to look at.



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