Top ten list started at 5:30 am

This blog posting is brought to you by my sudden need to write at 5:30 am in the morning, or rather my sudden waking up at 5:30 am on a Saturday and even more sudden inability to sleep. What better to do than write a long delayed blog posting after quite a few weeks of not writing? And since top ten lists are just so user friendly and exciting, I will write a top ten list now:

The most exciting things currently going on in my life in Mongolia, in no particular order:

10. I have started working with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders: If you thought children were adorable at that age in America, your heart will melt when you meet Mongolian children at this age. They are younger and they and some wear suits to school. They are freakin cute. As with any small size person, they are easy to entertained and kept them entertained with the clapping of my hands slow and then fast… don’t get me wrong, my fast slow song was pretty baller.

9. I occasionally gt the sense that I live by almost all of the children I work with and love it: I see them and they scream my name, say hello Backsha (soft ck, or hard g sound in the middle, means teacher) one little dude screamed this as I was walking home, rather loud and frankly, scared the poop out of me. He was cute non-the-less.

8. It has gotten colder and still no heat: I am wearing winter clothing in my apartment cause it is freezing and the heat in my apartment has yet to come on. My space heater is great, but I may build a ger in my home to live in till it does. Hey I still have a hot water boiler above my shower so hathlone os (hot water).

7. I wrote some action plans that I hope to implement soon: one is one a community drama program, one is on an adolescent boy’s program… more about those next time.

6. I introduced Punk Rock to everyone at my school: This was not appreciated and I was asked by students in speaking club why Americans were so angry. We are not angry my student just like our music with angst some times. Yeah, should have maybe started with something softer, but hey, cultural exchange nonetheless.

5. I cannot spell: I have been corrected by Mongolian Cps and students more times than I wish to admit. It is sad, I know, but I am used to having my trusty friend spell check.

4. Through my time in Mongolia, I have become even less of a morning person: In Mongolia, I have started to despise the idea of waking up on time, or rather, my body has. It is cold and my body says “no, I do not want to be up right now, that is why they invented snooze” needless to say, I am not always on time.

3. Fashion has gone out the window: Yep, I just put on whatever is not “dirty” (has not been worn more than 5 days) and call it a day…. Don’t look slobby, just some of the time not my best dressed moments.

2. I have come to appreciate that the dogs of Selenge do not give a flying doohickey. For example, a dog walking right across the street got slammed into by a car and just got up and walked like it was no big deal. One might say… like a boss.

1. I got a turtle: His name is APP. In Mongolia, living alone can get very lonely so having a little being to come home to and sing to (yeah I sing to my turtle) is just nice. He may not be cuddly, but he is awesome. Also, Mongolians believe caring for a turtle is good for your health. BONUS

 That’s all she wrote this time.


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