Host Family Thank you Letter

Hey all who read my blog,

I thought for this blog posting I would take some time (due to this being the last day with my host family), to thank my family for taking over the task of caring for me over the 2+ months. They have been amazing. I am lucky to have been placed with them. They really tried their best to communicate with me (either through wild gestures (from me or them), through Mongolian (mine highly broken), or any other means. I also appreciated the joy brought to me via my host brother. Whether playing guns or just hanging out, it was a joy. I could not be more thankful for all of them. My host sisters were some of the sweetest, most genuine girls I have met and truly helped me in their patience with both the language and the culture. My host mom was truly a great presence throughout the entire journey of PST. Thank you.


In other news,

I am sharing a letter written by one of my students after practice teaching (you have to do 12 as a TEFL) Melted my heart…. also a pic of my family.ImageImage




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