Mid-center Blues

Sorry that this post is a bit delayed. I was gone to Darkhan for Mid Center Days (training) for four days and I was so busy, I forgot to write.

For anyone planning on serving in the Peace Corps, it must be understood that Pre-Service Training (PST), is one of the hardest things you will go through. It will test you emotionally and physically. I look back a month ago and realize that I was naïve; I thought it would be easy. Yeah I had the intelligence to understand that it would be tough, just never pictured it being this tough. That being said, I have cried, or been on the brink of crying, more times this week than I care to mention. PST put me in a mood that made me so unlike myself that I even smoked on the last day (I do not smoke in the states, nor will I continue to in Mongolia). It did not help that training was so long and nerve wracking.

I say this once, and I say it again, I know it will get better. I know that soon, I will be at my permanent cite and be out of training.

Even though I am excited to be home, I am also sad. My host family has been great, and I will miss them. They truly are amazing. I thought of them throughout PST and was so excited to return. Sure, I had fun with the Peace Corps folks, but nothing beats home cooked meals, and family to greet you every day when you walk in the door.

—I will post after Naadam  with pictures of me in traditional Mongolian clothing.


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