Speakin Yoda in Sukhbaatar… Food Appreciation

It is a fact, speaking for myself at least, that while in the Peace Corps every food that reminds of America sparks a salivation that could be compared to a dog looking at a bone. Along those lines, good food tastes better. When you like a food in the Peace Corps, whether cake, pizza (yeah Mongolia has it), ice cream or veggies, they all taste amazing. For example, today I ate not only a peace of cake during a fellow PCV’s birthday, but after coming home, I at A WHOLE FREKIN CAKE… While it was not a large cake, it was quite big… It just tasted so great. Also, when I ate chicken, for the first time in Mongolia, I devoured more than my share… I was just that hungry, and my host mom is just that great at making it. I also would like to point out that many conversations with fellow PCV’s you will talk about food 40% of the time.

On another note, language class is going better… I have almost grasped the sentence structure of the Mongolian language and it is basically like this:

Subject + Time + Object + Verb

A phonetically written (sorry, Cyrillic is not on my keyboard), a sentence could look like this:

Be Ochugdoor banan eedsen

I yesterday banana ate

—- This brings me to my point:


If you put anything into the sentence structure like that of Mongolian, it makes you sound like yoda.

Ex. Me friends today store go

EX. You today the force have

Sue me, I have a ton of free time 

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