Hitting the Road Jack

Me and my mom on the road

Me (front) and my mom (back)

So, at last,, and after having a few lovely nights with friends (thanks Lady Harvey for the burger, wine, and cupcakes (your boyfriend may just have made me a meal I could die after (in a god way))) *would post pic, but all would be jealous, one lovely date with a awesome guy, a very productive and heartwarming meeting with my adviser, and a tear-jerking goodbuy to one of my favorite women (my gramma)  I have started out on my adventure as a world traveler. Not yet in Mongolia (that begins on the 29th, if you read correctly), but first seeing the world nonetheless (albeit a little closer to home) . You see, my mother is a truck driver. I have decided that I will hitch a ride on her truck during the last month of my time in the United States for a while. So far the following have been my thoughts and experiences from the road about the states we have visited (not in order due to napping), and observations:

1) New York State (not the city)– All farm land… Some guy at a truck stop in upstate told me, and I quote, when I asked if they had postcards (yeah I still sen post cards), “OOO post cards, I wish I could go somewhere instead of having my soul die here”… Can you say job satisfaction… I replied “Well, I am just passing through”

2) Pennsylvania — Everyone forgot how to drive… Also, pretty beautiful scenery.

3) Ohio… Some truck drove really close to us and smelled like tar (made both me and my mother rather sick)… Cincinnati is pretty different from Boston, I must say….

4) Illinois– I really like Chicago for some reason. Just a cool city

5) Indiana — I prank called someone (do not post bill boards about silly things if you do not want me to prank call and unleash the inner 15 year old)… It was nighttime so not much could be appreciated.

6) Utah– Not as “churchy” as I thought it would be… very pretty though… really, I would not like to live on a farm, but they are nice to look at.

7) Minnesota– DAIRY QUEEN … I was in ice cream heaven (really, the chocolate-dipped cone should be made more readily available to the Northeast)…

8) Iowa– Some of the farm houses (and it may just be that I watch wayyyy to many horror movies), looked a bit chainsaw massacre-ish

Those folks, are the states I have visited so far and have one question to ask… Why does every state so far have cows on their post-cards?

On a more Peace Corps related note—————-

I finally made a packing list of things to bring to Peace Corps… while I have a ton of it already, the list still looks overwhelming. Maybe the whole idea of packing for a whole two + years and not just a vacation is a factor. I promise when I get to the actual packing, I will make a list and take a picture of it all…

— That is all for now, I will try and write more when I get to the West…

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