Packing Up My Old Place and Preparing for What Lies Ahead

With a month and a day away till staging, I am having mixed emotions. As I was packing up my old place, the place I have called my home for the past 11 months, I realized… I am moving to Freakin’ Mongolia. With each trash bag I filled (I threw out a ridiculous amount of trash and old stuff. I might be a pack rat), it became more and more of a reality. And frankly, it is terrifying. I hope I am not the only future PC volunteer that feels like they are going through emotional menopause; one moment I am on cloud 9, the next moment I am on the verge of throwing up, and again, in another moment, I am wanting to tear up, and then I am back to happy). Very bizzare… 

What makes me feel better is spending what little time I have left with the people who I care about the most… I realize this as I open goodbye letters from friends (one in particular melted my heart (thanks Maria), looked at old pictured gifted and old (thanks lady Harvey), hanging out with the following awesome people (last names excluded for privacy):

Ed, My Roommates, Mom, Gramma, Naenae, Kalimah, Maria, Lady Harvey, Shannon (in spirit), Carol, Nicole, and many many more…

Also, talking to my Florida family: dad, my stepmom, Gramma Martha, Grampa Terry, Gramma Joyce (Arkansas)… And many more…

I will miss them all I am sure, but hopefully they will all be there when I get back…

Last, I am really hoping that I get to see Korea for one night… especially since one of my good friend is there….


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