Got My Staging Date and bought boots


So, I finally got my staging location. As of May 29th (a day earlier than originally thought), I will begin my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I will start in Washington, DC (the 29th) and then depart for Seoul, Korea on the 30th (at 4am). From Seoul, the group will fly to ULAANBAATAR (I copied directly from the staging email, because God only knows how to spell the capital of Mongolia off the top of their heads (smarty pants you if you can… or you are from Mongolia)). In total the traveling time, via air, will be appx. 16 hours….sheeesh.

Also, although the Peace Corps says I can buy boots in Mongolia, I needed something to make the whole thing real for myself…. thus I bought boots (they were 50% off)…See the image that looks like a boot.

Hey, boots are fun to buy anyways (I am still a girl).  Anyways, I will let this blog know how they withstood the weather in Mongolia…

That tis’ all till I hit the road, Jack…(with intense descriptions of the road trip I am taking with my mom).


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