Like a boss... this paper has literally been my nightmare. BUT VICTORY IS MINE

Like a boss… this paper Dental and Medical Clearance has literally been my nightmare. BUT VICTORY IS MINE …


Today, April 22, 2013 I was given dental and medical clearance for the Peace Corps and once again made the small children at work think I am crazy. I have several calm down factoids that I would like to offer interested people and potential applicants. These are things that I did not know, but would have been helpful in easing my mind, and in helping me along the way:

1) I did not have to have wisdom teeth out– on the current medical form (and if x-rays are ok), if a dentist marks two boxes attesting to the fact that your third molars are asymptomatic, you DO NOT have to have your wisdom teeth out, despite the fact that my dentist made a notation that said recommends extraction as mine did.

2) Peace Corps will not make you aware of this, but you have to upload documents in each category on a single page. Meaning that, even though the medical is eight pages or so, you must put it in one document.

3) To do the above: take a picture of each document clearly and paste it on a document, with each page taking up its own page.

4) Do not wait till the last minute to start dental, and do take your school or works health AND dental, even if it is not free.This will make you feel so much more at ease.

5) You can turn it in late, if you have a reason. I was supposed to have all my paperwork in by the 30th of March and it was 21 days late. This being said, contact the Peace Corps (via the MAP) if you think you might be late. They can put your mind at ease.

I hope this helps you along the way.

——- I would also like to give my email which will be used to inform people about my travels:

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